Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Currently, there are two concepts about brushing your teeth in the morning: some people think that brushing after breakfast will keep teeth clean after eating, while others say that after waking up, your teeth contain a lot of bacteria. bacteria so you need to brush your teeth before breakfast.Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Brushing your teeth is one of the things we do every day. Brushing teeth is not only for oral hygiene but also to prevent bad breath. Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth every morning and every night. Brushing your teeth in the morning can refresh your breath and eliminate a lot of bacteria in your mouth. Brushing your teeth at night can prevent a large amount of bacteria from building up in your mouth.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

For people who don’t have the habit of brushing their teeth at night, you have to change it. At night, without saliva secretion, the growth of bacteria in the mouth will become faster. After waking up, the mouth is easy to have bitter symptoms, dry mouth and bad breath. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is a good way to avoid these symptoms.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Currently, there are two conceptual trends about when to brush your teeth in the morning: brushing your teeth before breakfast and brushing your teeth after breakfast.

Others think brushing your teeth after breakfast helps to remove food particles and plaque from inside the oral cavity after eating. Compared with brushing before breakfast, brushing after meals is more beneficial for oral health.

what is a healthy breakfast

In fact, brushing your teeth before or after breakfast has the same benefit. , brush your teeth before breakfast. Because you can brush your teeth anytime, depending on when you are used to brushing your teeth. For those who brush their teeth before breakfast, they don’t need to worry about oral hygiene after a meal. Or if possible, you can wash your mouth after a meal to prevent the reproduction of large numbers of bacteria in your mouth. If you brush your teeth after breakfast, rinse your mouth with warm water before eating.

However, it should be noted that you should not brush your teeth too many times a day, such as brushing after all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and brushing your teeth before going to bed. This can damage the tooth surface, dentists only recommend brushing your teeth 2-3 times / day. In addition to using a toothbrush, you can also use dental floss to clean, clean between teeth, avoiding bacteria that reproduce here. You should not use toothpicks because this can increase the distance between the teeth, causing loss of aesthetics.

Can You Have Your Hair Dyed When Pregnant?

Natural and chemical based hair dye products on the market attract many men and women with a desire to enhance the appearance of their hair. As a pregnant woman, you have to be conscious about how to choose and use one of the best hair dye products. You can take note of everything about cheap and best nature of hair dye products one after another. You will get the absolute assistance and fulfil your wishes about the hassle-free method to find the safe hair dye for pregnancy on time. From there you will be encouraged to order and use this product as per your hair coloring desires.

Can You Have Your Hair Dyed When Pregnant?

Keep up-to-date with the pregnancy safe hair dye products

Easy-to-understand description of every hair dye product for sale on online nowadays increase the convenience and curiosity of many women to directly prefer and order the appropriate hair dye product. You can take note of suggestions from experts in the hair dye products and make a better-informed decision to fulfil your wishes about the improved hair in terms of the appearance.  Pregnant women must understand and remember that medical or scientific studies these days reveal that chemical based hair dyes cause birth defects or miscarriage.  They can spend enough time and research the top brands of natural hair dyes with pregnancy safe nature.

In general, hair dyes are packed with so many chemicals. Carcinogenic properties of some of these chemicals lead to various health problems. If you are a responsible-parent-to-be, then you have to be careful in your way to choose and buy one of the best and safest hair dye products. You must keep away from harmful ingredients based hair dyes at the time of pregnancy. Besides, you can read honest reviews of the pregnancy safe hair dye products of top brands on the market right now. You will get the complete assistance and an overview about how to successfully choose and buy the appropriate hair dye product.

The latest collection of hair dye products on online

Choosing the affordable, best and safe hair dye for pregnancy is an expectation of almost every pregnant woman in our time. Pregnant women must remember that what they use on their hair and boy matters as much as what they consume during the pregnancy period. They have to keep in mind that everything which affects them in their skin and body also affect their growing fetus. If they excessively expose to lead during their pregnancy time, then they get ever-increasing chances for the preterm delivery, miscarriage and reduced birth weight.

Exposure to the harmful chemicals based hair dyes is not safe for pregnant women as it is same as eating high-mercury fish which affects the nervous system of the growing baby. Permanent and semi-permanent hair dye products on the market these days are not necessary toxic for pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant. However, medical professionals and hair dye experts in our time recommend the pregnancy safe hair dye product for pregnant women with a desire to make use of the suitable hair dye product. You can compare and narrow down a huge collection of high-quality yet reasonable prices of hair dye products at any time you like to successfully choose and use the appropriate hair dye product as per your hair dye desires.

Some notes for pregnant women who want to dye their hair

Many women who are pregnant nowadays do not aware of the problems associated with the chemical hair dyes. They have to understand that a small amount of such hair dye might touch their skin on the forehead or scalp and lead to health problems and a negative impact on the development of the fetus. They can overcome this problem when they choose and use the safe and natural hair dye product. There are loads of hair treatments recommended during the pregnancy. Pregnant women can spend enough time and focus on pros and cons of such hair treatments as comprehensive as possible. They can prefer and use the pregnancy safe hair coloring, hair curling, hair bleaching and hair relaxers.


Chemicals in the popular brands of hair dyes affect the skin on the scalp and forehead of users at first. If pregnant women use the hair dye made of harmful chemicals, then they are prone to various health problems and also unaware of how such hair dye affects the fetus. They have to be hesitant to use the hair dye based on the catchy ads. They can take note of the safe hair dye for pregnancy and use such hair dye towards the fulfilment of enhanced hair color. When dyeing hair they have to apply the hair dye only on strands of their hair and avoid possibilities of hair dye touching the scalp.

Stretch marks

Pregnant women get much difficulty with their stretch marks, swollen ankles and an itchy belly. They think about how to be healthy and comfortable all through their pregnancy period. They wish to dye their hair while pregnant and ensure that they use only pregnancy safe hair dye product. Don’t use until the second trimester and this is because the pregnancy hormones rising during the first trimester affected with the hair dye.

Fulfil hair coloring expectations

All beginners to the hair dye products can contact the reputable salon and consult with the experienced hairstylist to use the pregnancy safe hair dye product. They have to take note of benefits as well as drawbacks of well-known brands of hair dye products one after another. This is because they have to choose and get the best and safe hair dye on time.

Dedicated and friendly hair stylists use the first-class hair dye products and use the best techniques to dye the hair on to the hair shaft. For example, they make use of the highlights, streaking, frosting and lowlights.  They pull hair by using a cap and apply the hair dye with an aim to provide the safe hair dye treatment. They suggest the safe hair dye for pregnancy and make certain about 100% satisfaction to users of such product.

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot?

One of the biggest problem facing nowadays id baldness and it is mostly seen among males. It is a kind of disorder which is related to your skin type. The baldness of hair is majorly occurred in the scalp and within a particular area. Sometimes, the people get back hair in short period of time but in some cases it will lead to permanent hair loss and complete baldness.  Hair baldness is called as alopecia areata which is caused when your body attacks the other cells of its own body. Basically it is depend on the immune system and also on the type of your hair.

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot?

It can be cause with different reasons, and one of them is notifies as genetic problem or hierarchy issue. Majorly it will generate on those people who are going with the problem of asthma or thyroid etc. it can also be generated if you are having mental stress. According to a ratio, almost about 70% of the person is going through the problem of alopecia areata in the early age of 20. Hair can be regrowth by using best balding shampoo as it will help regain your hair.

What are the symptoms of alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata causes an oval shape patch in your hair scalp which appears as baldness. The skin type of that particular patch is quite normal but despite of this there is no other sign to accommodate baldness. Inspite of that area all other head sign hair accept that particular portion. There is a very rare case of itching and irritation in that area. Not only this it is also cause in that case when an individual has infection in the fingernails. There are lots of precautions as well as symptoms regarding baldness of hair and if you notice it in early phase then it will become helpful for you.

Infection caused as tiny pits, splitting, burning and redness in the fingernail. It is not particular that hairloss will only occur in the hair scalp but it can also generate on your body parts too. Baldness is a diplomatic problem and it will also occur in eyebrows, beard, mustaches, genital hair etc.

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot?

How to diagnose alopecia areata?

It would be beneficial for you if you will take the guidance of a specialist as a reason, they will accommodate the type of your skin easily. They will catch your symptoms and then prescribe you medicine and oil based on your hair type. If there is any major cause or the doctor will find any difficulty to test the type of your hair then they will send the sample of your hair in the laboratory for further testing and reports.

There is a permanent solution for gaining your hair back but it will take several months to regain the originality and natural growth or your hair. It can’t be prevented but an individual should go through Best Balding Shampoo so that they will start intercepting. A home remedy is also helpful in case where you are accommodating normal hairfall. It will easily treat the growth rate of your hair but if you facing a huge problem regarding hairfall and baldness in your scalp then visit a specialist as soon as possible for you.

List some treatment for alopecia areata

Alopecia areata can be treated by taking medical health or by undergoing home remedies. There is several kind of shampoo, oil, cream and ointments are available through which you can get back your hair. Make sure that you don’t take the medication shampoo, cream without the prescription of doctor because sometimes it will show opposite reaction on your skin as well as on the hair which become worst.

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot?

In a general and accurate way, the treatment is depend on the age of that person because there are some treatment which are listed for age people and some are listed for adults only. There is a difference between treating every individual. As a reason, all individual have different hair growth rate and different skin. Sometimes baldness become embarrassing in front of other but by undergoing proper medication you can easily get back your hair.

What is the right time to visit a professional?

If you find out any bald spot then it is the right time to make a call to the professional doctor. Sometimes you find out that your hair are getting thinner day by day and it varies with baldness then it is also the correct time for you. It would be advantageous for you if you will start your treatment in early times because this process is quite lengthy and it will take a lot of time to get back the originality of your hair.

If you find normal and mild hair loss then do not panic because it happens due to changes in environment. It can be covered with the help of decorative hair covers. The problem of baldness can be resolved and you can get permanent solution to it.

How much time does prognosis take?

Generally, in most of the cases you will get the hair back in 6-12 months because this type of treatment take longer time for retaining the originality and natural growth of your hair. It all depends on your treatment and also on your diet. If you eat healthy and drink adequate amount of water then you will get back your hair in shorter period of time. By exercising daily will help you to regain your hair growth because meditation plays a very important role and also it is very helpful.

In the above article, we have listed all the information regarding baldness, precautions, treatments and prognosis. Adapt the information accurately so that it becomes easy for you to accommodate and regain the original length of your hair. It is crucial for you to pay attention on your health because improper food and intoxication of chemicals harms your body as well as the growth of your hair.

How to Apply Eye Cream for Dark Circles?

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, so this is typically where you’ll see indications of aging. It also suggests you need to pay special care and attention when utilizing a best Japanese eye cream.

What Active ingredients to Try to find in Your Eye Cream

Eye creams can help in reducing puffiness and crow’s feet, cheer up dark circles and make your face look more youthful and more awake. Some solutions are developed to deal with among these issues, while others are do-it-all items.

How to Use Your Eye Cream

Use a pea-size quantity on your ring finger.

Use small dots from the inner corner beneath your eye to your eyebrow bone.

To use, begin at the inner corner beneath your eye, using small dots in a semi-circle as much as your eyebrow bone. Carefully tap because semi-circle pattern to promote circulation up until the item is totally soaked up. Make certain not to pull or extend the skin while you’re doing this.

Keep in mind: Do not get too near your eye to prevent inflammation. Unless the item label directs you to, prevent using on or near your eyelids.

Wait before using concealer.

After using your eye cream, wait about 90 seconds before using concealer or other skin care items to provide it time to completely soak up.

How to Apply Eye Cream for Dark Circles?

More Tips on How to Use Your Eye Cream

For best results, use your eye cream early morning and night. Some people choose to use it throughout the day to make their concealer look much better; others choose utilizing it in the evening. When it comes to how this action fits within your regimen, you’ll wish to use your eye cream after cleaning and toning and before your moisturizer or night cream.

Pick the correct time

Some eye creams are made particularly to use during the night. They are normally thicker, and may have anti-aging active ingredients. Use your eye cream a minimum of 15 minutes before going to bed.

It is necessary to enable your skin time to soak up the cream. Otherwise, it might encounter your eyes when you rest. You also do not want it to rub off on your pillow.

If you are particularly concerned about the skin around your eyes, you may also wish to use an early morning eye cream. Enable it to set for 15 minutes after application before using makeup.

Attempt some samples

Eye creams can be rather pricey. You may balk at the rate, particularly for something that is available in such a small container. Before dedicating to an item, think about attempting some different options.

The addition of vitamins will not just lighten dark circles however will also offer the skin in your eye area a fresher, much healthier look. Another reliable component that can be consisted of in an eye cream is caffeine which minimizes puffiness in the eye.

Anti-aging skin care items include those used on the whole skin surface. Your whole body will take advantage of using a body cream. The tone and texture of your skin can be enhanced through using fantastic anti-aging skin care items such as hypoallergenic body cream, which will also hydrate dry, flaky skin without blocking your pores.

A Great Toner Assists in Altering the Dry Texture of the Skin

The period of the favorable impact of a toner also depends upon the kind of skin. As an outcome, the skin problem progresses and it is less susceptible to breakouts.

With your buying options, you can buy online for eye items which will enable you to check out other individuals’s evaluations relating to the item. You may also decide to buy your eye cream in your closest pharmacy, however you may just be limited to the sales girl’s or pharmacist’s viewpoints.

Hence, it is always a great concept to do some research online to know which items have been favorably evaluated by others, or even better, seek advice from a skin specialist and let him or her recommend you an eye cream best for your needs.

Do your research. Many publications and sites use pointers on which eye creams are most reliable. Start trying to find ones that intrigue you.

Check out a store. Many outlet store enjoy to provide samples of their skin care items. Approach numerous cosmetic counters and ask if they use this service.


Keep in mind that eye creams can take a couple of weeks to really start enhancing your skin. By attempting samples, you can at least find one with a texture and feel that you like.

Father’s Day: Nearly coming home, my heart beating wildly …

Fathers are always good at words, not good at expressing emotions like mothers and wives. The way they love their children is also different.

Miracle ball

Jonathan’s mother died early, and he was told to be wrapped in the arms of his father. Jonathan was passionate about football and often went to the training ground, but his small, stunted appearance never allowed him to join the same team at the university. Still, Jonathan’s father was always on the stands to encourage his son whether it was sunny or rainy.

One day, Jonathan met his coach to ask for an absence. “My father died this morning,” Jonathan said heavily, his eyes red.

The coach told Jonathan to take a week off and let the pain go down and come back to the team and he didn’t need to attend the football match with your school on the weekends.

But Jonathan still came and it was an unequal battle. Jonathan’s school team was lead too bold. He pleaded with the coach for a kick. He hesitated, but then nodded because he thought “there is nothing to lose anyway”.

Jonathan’s outstanding performance contributes to a dramatic change that surprised everyone. Jonathan team members then overwhelmed the field together and won.

After the match, the coach caught Jonathan sitting alone in the dressing room with a face full of emotion. He expressed his amazement about Jonathan’s “makeover” in football and asked what made him so fast?

“You probably know that my father has just passed away, but I don’t know for sure that my father is blind. Many years ago, even though I didn’t see him, my father always went to the yard to encourage me. really kicked with the team, and I told you to do my best, because my father is definitely watching over … “, Jonathan said.

Oak and ribbon

After the argument because of disagreement with his father, Robert left the house angrily, vowing to never return. Going to the city, Robert again got into prison and this made his father – a wealthy, famous man in the village – more angry because it seriously affected the family’s reputation.

A few years later, Robert was released on bail. He stood before the vast sky beyond the bars, and deep down he knew he wanted to go home. Even so, Robert knew his father was a very strict and tough man, a tall self.

To avoid the most awkward situation, he wrote a letter with a message saying that he was on his way home. In the case of forgiveness, hang on an oak tree in front of a ribbon. If there were no ribbons, he would never bother him again.

The train left the station and soon rolled into the old house. The closer he got to the house, the more beaten Robert’s heart was, and he didn’t dare to look but asked the guest to sit near to see if there was a oak ribbon on the front.

“No …”, that brief word made Robert dumbfounded.

“I don’t see a ribbon. On which there are thousands of ribbons fluttering. What does that mean?”, The passenger said, questioned.

Robert burst into tears like a child, like he never cried …

Lip Balm Has More Than One Use

Lip balm is a cute little lip product that is more exotic than once used. You will not believe the things I used it for. Lip balm can be used on men. Lip balm is not lipstick. Men can choose a normal color and keep their lips moist. That dampness lasts for hours and keeps the lips hydrated. Moreover, your nose irritation can be cleared with some lip balm under the nose. You can also smell it to make your cold less difficult. Hey, I’m not saying you need to do that. But, sometimes the colds do not appear anywhere and you happen to have a little lip balm in the car. Use it if you have to.Moving on, lip balm can be applied on cracked skin and small cuts. Lip balm spreads on the skin and neutralizes pain. All you need to do then is cover up it and your good to go. As you can see, lip balm has many uses to help you have an emergency and beautiful lips. Buy the best lip balm for men today.

Lip Balm for shaving

Lip balm is great for shaving your facial hair with. When you shave your face, you find yourself cutting yourself. It happens all the time. The razor is too dull or you forget to put it in cold water again. Now, you can use lip balm to make those small cuts disappear. Just wipe off the blood and apply a little lip balm to the razor stains. Once you apply it, the cut area is pasted with lip balm. The glue keeps blood in the skin and prevents it from moving. Next, your white blood cells do the job trying to get cuts to heal all the way. Some people say it feels really comfortable when you do it too. I’m not sure it’s true.But, no longer bleeding and coming to work looks like you just killed someone. It does not look good that you know. Use the best lip balm for men and get your stuff straight for every shaving mistake.

Use it to hold hair in place

Most people have no idea that lip balm can be used to hold hair. I also heard this for the first time. So you can use this product to push your hair out and leave it in place. This can be useful when your hair doesn’t want to stay in place. But, who uses lip balm to hold hair? There are days when you want your hair to stay so you can look beautiful or the days when the hair is too long but you are too lazy to cut it. Now, you can use lip balm to make the hair move around less frequently. Use it on the side, front and other places where you feel the hair needs to be kept. Lip balm is quite cheap so you can expect a hair still looking cheap.

Use Lip Balm to treat eye sockets

Lip balm is also very good for treating eye socket injury. Sometimes you are sleepy. A long day out somewhere. Perhaps you spent time with a friend or playing that video game for too long. The next day, you have to go to work and there are no exceptions. The eyes do not give you happy days. Put some lip balm under your eyes. Put it all around your eye sockets and clean the makeup eye sockets and sleep. Destroy all bad dirt clogged from yesterday. By the way, when I say my eye socket means the area under your eyes. I hope you understand what I say. Overall, lip balm works really well in waking your eyes and making you feel like you’re having a good mood.

Hair Product Guide to Make Your Man Hair Straight

Hair Product Guide to Make Your Man Hair Straight

No matter what type of hair you have today, you need help looking a cut above the rest. Look better than them and be better then them. Turn your hair from a hot mess to a 5 star Italian cuisine. Going to the barber shop is good for keep your hair cut and maintained. But, you could use hair products to make your hair look ever better. Give it a shine that reflects with the Sun. Reduce all the flakes out of it and make sure hair is smooth as lemons on a woman’s thighs. Very slick and tempting to touch by the on goers who look at it. We want to help your hair look its best by introducing you to different hair product types and telling you what their good for. Read what is below and use our knowledge to help you succeed further.

Try Hair Spray for Hot Days

Hair spray is not just to make your hair smell good. It can greatly increase your hair’s flexibility when you out on the beach. When your on that beautiful beach, you want to look beautiful along with it. It’s hard to do that after a couple hours. That’s when the intense Sun turns your good hair into a dry and hot mess. The salt water doesn’t make it better either. It just makes your hair look even dryer. Pay attention to the people’s hair when they get out of the shower and dry. You see what I mean right? Buy some hair spray and take it with you. Spray a little of it on hair every so often and the dry hair look that you don’t want the girls to see will be gone. Hair shines with the Sun and becomes softer. The softness increases if you use more. Buy a hair spray with a good smell. Smell is important when you spray a lot of it on your hair. By the way, you should get a small bottle of dry hair spray. In case, you want people to think you have a mint spray or cologne spray. Some people might be wondering why you need a giant bottle of hair spray at the beach. Hey, you shouldn’t worry about the size too much. But, you got to reasonable at times with the things you take with you at the beach.

Wash Hair With Hair Gel

Hair gel works better on your hair then the traditional shampoo wash. Gel has high amounts of lather which is fancy for thick soap and clean washing minerals. Hair gel provides a medium level of hold on your hair. It won’t stay in there longer then it should. It gets in and maintains hair’s natural look without the shine. Adds minerals and the right amount of moisturizer to keep hair balanced for a period of time outside. You can look good naturally. The best hair gel for men is the gel you should start with. It helps men the most by being tailored to fit men’s rough and often unwashed hair. Additionally, the men hair gel has a manly smell to it. Make the women and other men know that you’re a cut from another cloth. Sent from some strange land to do great things. Let the smell push off that aura of manliness. Hair gels come in different flavors too. You can go with sweets some days and tough guy on other days. The way you want to smell with your hair is up to you. In essence, try out hair gel and make your hair look normal and not flashy.

Lady Dates

Tonight I am going on a date with a woman. She is lovely and smart. This is not the first lady date I’ve had and certainly won’t be the last.

I haven’t talked about it all on the blog at all. (If you’ve heard me read, I’ve told the story about the first woman I dated briefly.) I never kissed a woman until I was 30 and didn’t really have much interest to until now. When I started the blog 3 years ago, I certainly wasn’t dating women. But I now want to be clear that my writing about my dating life will not only be dudes.

So I suppose the slap a label term on me is bisexual. I don’t really like this term as it implies half and half, and most of my dating and sex life has all involved men with a few exceptions. I’m a big believer in the Kinsey scale and the Idea that sexuality is fluid. I’m not making excuses, but I’m more attracted to men than I am women, but I’m exploring that some more.

I don’t see myself in a long term relationship with a woman, just like I don’t foresee long term relationships with many (well most) of the men I date. But really who knows? Love is pretty blind and I think I will probably fall in love and end up with a man, but I suppose I’m open to it.

Sexuality is an odd thing, ever changing in ones’ life. This all feels pretty new to me. People talk about knowing they’re gay at age 4. I didn’t know I was somewhat attracted to women until I turned 30.

So I asked her out and chose the date, place, and time (I take my own advice!). I’m looking forward to it, but admittedly am a bit nervous. There are all these rules for what the guy does (pays the check, opens the door) and what the girl is supposed to do (offer to pay the check and say thank you when he says no), but there are no rules for girl dates! No rules! My brain and how I think about dating is completely heterosexist.

So I plan on just having nice dinner and conversation with a smart and beautiful lady.


Happy 2015! Let’s Hope I Don’t Die Alone!

Happy 2015!

I hope your New Year’s celebrations were great. I spent my NYE schlepping coats for extra money and wondering what a master’s degree means anymore. (There’s always the one who lost her coat check number and tells us, “It’s black. With fur trim.” There’s 150 coats in the basement and you just described 67 of them.)

But after actually a great night post coat checking, I woke up a little tired and a bit cham-pained (see what I did there?), and went to meet my (guy) friend for brunch.

My friends Kito & Zac have adorable traditions they do for the holidays every year. They spend New Year’s Day watching The Wizard of Oz. (I love them even more for this.) When I read this list, I felt a pang of jealousy. I want that, I want holiday traditions with my lovely partner. I love this.

At our brunch, my friend and I caught up and discussed our lackluster dating lives, how he hits on women on by giving them a list of comedians and asking them which they identify with most (this killed me!), and about the worst date ever I just had last weekend (he ordered a long island with grenadine). And we also discussed on this New Year’s Day that maybe 2015 will be the year. The year we lock it down. The year we find the person we may spend the rest of our lives with.

And we also talked about the real possibility that we may actually die alone. Another year here, another year without finding “the one”. This year, we’ll be turning 33 and 35, respectively, and neither of us imagined having single gal/guy pal brunch on New Year’s Day. We imagined the holiday traditions like Kito and Zac.

We discussed how this possibility is terrifying. How we have to have conversations in our heads to come to terms with this. About how we think about the ones who got away. About how we may never share a bed permanently (also, I hate the idea of sharing a bed, like, forever).

But the more I’ve considered this real possibility today, I’ve thought about how lucky I am to have a friend like this. How love means so many things, how I can have a friend who agrees to meet me at 2pm instead of noon so I can lay back down after taking an Advil. So maybe we’ll be perpetual bachelor/bachelorettes, become crazy dog people and never share a bed, but at least we’ll have each other.

Best wishes this year and happy 2015!


Varietals of Holiday Texts I Received Today

Varietals of Holiday Texts I Received Today

1 weird .gif from this one.

1 very nice message from a guy who friend-zoned me after admitting my unrequited feelings

1 generic Merry Christmas message from a random ex I haven’t communicated with since his last text on Thanksgiving, wishing me another generic holiday message.

8 streamed Christmas emoji messages in a row from a dude I simply have listed as “Jay” in my phone. Jay, have we ever been on a date? Did we ever meet?

1 from the 22 year old I was dating for awhile this fall who usually just sends me frowny faces or “I’m thinking about you” messages but hasn’t asked me on an actual date since September.

1 holiday wish from one who has been making dates with me and then bailing on all of them for the last 9 months and then who later confessed to me he’s interested in being a swinger.

Not that I don’t appreciate the happy holidays and the merry Christmases, but my best friend doesn’t send me a generic text on Christmas. My family doesn’t send me streams of Christmas emojis. What makes ex boyfriends/generic men of my life seem to think it’s a good time to get in touch?

So Christmas makes it an easy excuse for contact? Of course no one will complain that you crafted that mass text message to all the hoes listed in your contacts, because, awwwww, you thought of me. You find all the single childless women you want to put your candy cane in and hope one will get busy with you under the tree this year? Well I’m calling some bullshit. This is some damned e-maintenance wrapped up in a big crappy emoji Christmas bow and good wishes.

Guess what? You want to get in on some holiday action with me? GIVE ME A DAMNED PRESENT. Not because I need or want presents, but that’s what you would do if we were actually dating. Maybe contact me the day after Christmas, even next week. Ask how I’m celebrating, ask what Santa brought me. Call me, for the love of Jesus and the manger.

Just don’t expect to fawn all over myself because you were just so thoughtful to think of me during this holiday season, because emojis are not impressive dude.

Merry Christmas, y’all.


P.S. a very nice guy I haven’t actually met yet actually phoned me last night to talk and to say Merry Christmas. I was so taken aback, I about peed my pants. And then, he made a DATE. Time and place and all. So I guess Christmas miracles are possible.