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Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Currently, there are two concepts about brushing your teeth in the morning: some people think that brushing after breakfast will keep teeth clean after eating, while others say that after waking up, your teeth contain a lot of bacteria. bacteria so you need to brush your teeth before breakfast.Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Brushing your teeth is one of the things we do every day. Brushing teeth is not only for oral hygiene but also to prevent bad breath. Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth every morning and every night. Brushing your teeth in the morning can refresh your breath and eliminate a lot of bacteria in your mouth. Brushing your teeth at night can prevent a large amount of bacteria from building up in your mouth.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

For people who don’t have the habit of brushing their teeth at night, you have to change it. At night, without saliva secretion, the growth of bacteria in the mouth will become faster. After waking up, the mouth is easy to have bitter symptoms, dry mouth and bad breath. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is a good way to avoid these symptoms.

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or after Breakfast?

Currently, there are two conceptual trends about when to brush your teeth in the morning: brushing your teeth before breakfast and brushing your teeth after breakfast.

Others think brushing your teeth after breakfast helps to remove food particles and plaque from inside the oral cavity after eating. Compared with brushing before breakfast, brushing after meals is more beneficial for oral health.

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In fact, brushing your teeth before or after breakfast has the same benefit. , brush your teeth before breakfast. Because you can brush your teeth anytime, depending on when you are used to brushing your teeth. For those who brush their teeth before breakfast, they don’t need to worry about oral hygiene after a meal. Or if possible, you can wash your mouth after a meal to prevent the reproduction of large numbers of bacteria in your mouth. If you brush your teeth after breakfast, rinse your mouth with warm water before eating.

However, it should be noted that you should not brush your teeth too many times a day, such as brushing after all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and brushing your teeth before going to bed. This can damage the tooth surface, dentists only recommend brushing your teeth 2-3 times / day. In addition to using a toothbrush, you can also use dental floss to clean, clean between teeth, avoiding bacteria that reproduce here. You should not use toothpicks because this can increase the distance between the teeth, causing loss of aesthetics.

DISAGREED: Anti-Tinder Tries to Solve Online Dating’s Creepiness Problem

You may have seen this article today in the Huffington Post Tech about the new dating app, Hinge. Well, new to Chicago, and that means new to me. Hinge sends you 6 matches a day, based on your larger social media network. So you’re connected to friends of friends who have also signed up for the app.

I’ve been a Hinge user for a few months. I don’t check it all the time, I only have the app on my iPad, and last night I signed on in to look at my daily matches.

So turns out Hinge is actually the creepiest goddamned dating app I’ve ever used.


It matched me with a kid I used to babysit in 1996.

DISAGREED: Anti-Tinder Tries to Solve Online Dating’s Creepiness Problem

A few notes on that point.

A) I’m not from Chicago. I grew up 3 hours south in a small town. There are maybe 30 people in the city from my hometown. This kid and I grew up a block away from each other. My mother has known his mother since like 1989 when she was pregnant with this kid.

B) My first… serious boyfriend… (first. serious. boyfriend. Get it?) is his cousin. They share the same last name.

So Hinge brings to me the people I know, attempting to be anti-creepy, but actually provides maybe the creepiest match I’ve ever gotten.

AND thus provides the story of my dating life.

[drops mic]