Father’s Day: Nearly coming home, my heart beating wildly …

Fathers are always good at words, not good at expressing emotions like mothers and wives. The way they love their children is also different.

Miracle ball

Jonathan’s mother died early, and he was told to be wrapped in the arms of his father. Jonathan was passionate about football and often went to the training ground, but his small, stunted appearance never allowed him to join the same team at the university. Still, Jonathan’s father was always on the stands to encourage his son whether it was sunny or rainy.

One day, Jonathan met his coach to ask for an absence. “My father died this morning,” Jonathan said heavily, his eyes red.

The coach told Jonathan to take a week off and let the pain go down and come back to the team and he didn’t need to attend the football match with your school on the weekends.

But Jonathan still came and it was an unequal battle. Jonathan’s school team was lead too bold. He pleaded with the coach for a kick. He hesitated, but then nodded because he thought “there is nothing to lose anyway”.

Jonathan’s outstanding performance contributes to a dramatic change that surprised everyone. Jonathan team members then overwhelmed the field together and won.

After the match, the coach caught Jonathan sitting alone in the dressing room with a face full of emotion. He expressed his amazement about Jonathan’s “makeover” in football and asked what made him so fast?

“You probably know that my father has just passed away, but I don’t know for sure that my father is blind. Many years ago, even though I didn’t see him, my father always went to the yard to encourage me. really kicked with the team, and I told you to do my best, because my father is definitely watching over … “, Jonathan said.

Oak and ribbon

After the argument because of disagreement with his father, Robert left the house angrily, vowing to never return. Going to the city, Robert again got into prison and this made his father – a wealthy, famous man in the village – more angry because it seriously affected the family’s reputation.

A few years later, Robert was released on bail. He stood before the vast sky beyond the bars, and deep down he knew he wanted to go home. Even so, Robert knew his father was a very strict and tough man, a tall self.

To avoid the most awkward situation, he wrote a letter with a message saying that he was on his way home. In the case of forgiveness, hang on an oak tree in front of a ribbon. If there were no ribbons, he would never bother him again.

The train left the station and soon rolled into the old house. The closer he got to the house, the more beaten Robert’s heart was, and he didn’t dare to look but asked the guest to sit near to see if there was a oak ribbon on the front.

“No …”, that brief word made Robert dumbfounded.

“I don’t see a ribbon. On which there are thousands of ribbons fluttering. What does that mean?”, The passenger said, questioned.

Robert burst into tears like a child, like he never cried …