Talking and ….

The talking and f—-ing stage, where you lock yourselves in a bedroom and do it and discuss and then do it again. Where every stupid song makes you smile to yourself. Where you’ve actually forgotten for a moment about all that heartbreak and hurt and disappointment because it was all leading up to this. This is the reason!

Where he kisses you in public for the first time. When he introduces you to a friend. When he takes your hand to lead you through a crowded dance floor. When you arrive and the girl he’s talking to who you think maybe he was hitting on says, “So this is the girl you’ve been talking about?” And you feel guilty because he wasn’t hitting on her at all (and then she leans over to make out with the other dude next to her.). And you about blush yourself into a puddle but it’s dark so thank god no one can see it.

When he asks if you told your mutual friend about him, and you realize the fact that he wants you to tell your mutual friend. When he texts “I can’t wait to see you again,” and you can’t even wait to see him again so you end up seeing him later that day anyway.

When he snores so loud you want to punch him in his sleep and yell his name but he doesn’t hear you and just snores louder but you don’t care because he’s there. And there when you wake up in the morning.

And when you tell yourself to pull your shit together and not get too excited but you can’t help but get too excited. When you see him after just a few hours and somehow he looks more attractive than you remember.

So that’s where I’ve been this week.